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The Dark Knight has a brand new website… sort of. It’s actually one of those co-branded, tie-in sites, where an advertiser hands the studio a truckload of cash and then they tack an alternate movie website onto their domain. In this case it’s Comcast doing it with The Dark Knight. The difference between this one and all the other co-branded sites running around out there though, is that this is not a total waste of time. Take a look by clicking here.

Actually, I’m not sure it’s possible for any site blaring that awesome Dark Knight soundtrack to be a waste of time. I cruised over there and just sat staring blankly while I soaked in the soundtrack. In addition to the soundtrack music, which you’ve already heard and loved a hundred times by now, the site also offers a few new items. Of particular interest are some new featureattes, including a look back at Batman Begins, a new IMAX Featurette, and a video all about the Making of the Clown Masks. Worth a look, especially if you’ve already caught The Dark Knight fever that seems to have swept up the internet.