Did Captain America And Peggy Carter Have Sex? Here's What Hayley Atwell Says

Although Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter made quite a duo in Captain America: The First Avenger, the film didn’t get too in-depth with their romance. The only clear-cut moments of passion between them were when they kissed at Red Skull’s HYDRA compound (as seen above) and when they tearfully said goodbye to one another. However, the film jumped around to different moments in World War II, leaving much of their time together unexplored. Which begs the question: did they have sex? Well, Peggy’s actress Hayley Atwell seems to think so.

During a panel at the Boston Comic-Con (via Comicbook.com), Atwell was asked whether she thinks that Steve and Peggy had sex back in the 1940s, or if Cap made his way into the 21st century as a 90 year old virgin. It turns out that the actress thinks that the lovers did indeed do the deed, saying:

I think so. I think they were soul mates.

Continuing, Hayley Atwell pointed out that Peggy shared a kindred spirit with Steve even pre-Super Soldier Serum when he was skinny, as both of them had obstacles to overcome. While Atwell believes that the Star-Spangled Avenger and the SSR agent did go to bed together, it’s worth pointing out that her co-star shares a different opinion. Back in April, Chris Evans speculated that Steve was most likely a virgin. When the possibility of a one-night stand was brought up, Evans argued that Steve was still on duty then, and given his old fashioned values, he was holding out for her. The two actors might want to have a discussion about this the next time they see each other. There needs to be a clear consensus!

Although it’s obvious the two characters would have built a relationship with each other, sadly it was not to be. In Captain America: The First Avenger’s climactic finale, Steve crashed Red Skull’s aircraft into the Arctic so that its weapons wouldn’t detonate in a populated area. For decades everyone believed him to be dead, but eventually his body was discovered in suspended animation in the present day. Unfortunately for Steve, life continued for everyone else, and when we finally saw him reunite with Peggy in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, she was an elderly woman suffering from dementia, and if that didn’t break your heart, then you have no soul! Steve hasn’t had much of a love life in the modern era, while we learned that Peggy eventually married and had a family. Still, whether or not these two actually "fondued," there’s no denying that they were in love at one point.

Steve Rogers will next be seen in conflict with Tony Stark when Captain America: Civil War hits theaters on May 6, 2016. As for Peggy, her adventures in the 1940s will kick off again next year when Agent Carter Season 2 debuts.

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