By now you've hopefully caught up with Thor: The Dark World, and if you did so you're in good company-- the superhero sequel made $86 million over the weekend, way more than the original Thor pulled in and enough to make it already one of the biggest hits of the year so far (it currently sits between Oblivion and Insidious: Chapter 2 among the year's domestic grosses on Box Office Mojo). It's earned great reviews, including ours, and is once again proof that Marvel, for the moment, can do just about anything.

But right now, we want to hear from you. Once you've caught up with our awesome Thor: The Dark World coverage, which ranges from interviews with the cast to a GIF review from Loki, vote in the poll below to give it your own review and then jump into the comments to discuss. Revisit this clip from one of our favorite scenes in the movie, then keep the conversation going as the latest Marvel hero hammers his way back into theaters.

How Would You Rate Thor: The Dark World?

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