Divergent Featurette Shows Off Theo James' Fight Skills, Tris 'Fights Back' In New TV Spot

Advance tickets for Divergent are now on sale, and to mark the occasion, Summit has released a new featurette, which focuses on Theo James' character Four. Known to some for TV series Bedlam and Golden Boy, or for his brief but memorable role in an episode of Downton Abbey, James appears to be up for some stunts, particularly as it relates to fight scenes.

James fight

Divergent star Shailene Woodley speaks highly of James' listening capability and reactions as an actor, adding that he's "also really tough on screen and a really strong person." Meanwhile, author Veronica Roth said Theo James' screen test is the only one she saw, and she sounds thrilled with the casting choice. Roth recently shared her thoughts on the film after screening it, and it sounds like she's happy with how Neil Burger has adapted her story. Hopefully fans feel the same way when the movie arrives in theaters later this month.

Theo James' character Four is set to be the focus of a number of prequel stories, which will fill in some of the blanks about the character and are due out later this year. They were originally set to be released ahead of Divergent's arrival in theaters, but only one went out on schedule, while it looks like the other three will be released in July as eBooks and also in a Hardcover version, which will include all four short stories (opens in new tab). Four: A Divergent Collection will tell the story of Four, from his transfer from Abnegation to Dauntless through to the events of Divergent, as told from Four's perspective.

As for the original Divergent novel, that ties in to the advance tickets that are now on sale. Those who purchase their advance tickets today (March 4) will receive an Amazon code for a free copy of the first book. While I'm going to guess that those fans of the book who are so eager to see the movie that they're ready to buy their tickets on the first pre-sale day probably already own the book, they might not have the Kindle version, or they might know someone who still hasn't read it, so that's a nice incentive.

Moving on to the latest spot for the film, we have the "Fighting Back" video...

This one shows Tris' mother (Ashley Judd) telling her she's Divergent, Four telling Tris he knows what she is, Christina telling Tris she's really good at the knife throwing, and another good look at Miles Teller's Peter, who seems determined to know how Tris does what she does, asking "What's your trick?" Being Divergent is probably the answer.

Divergent stars Woodley as a teen living in dystopian Chicago where society is broken up into five factions, which determine a person's way of life. As the new spot indicates, being "Divergent" is not one of the factions, and it's not a good thing as Kate Winslet's Jeanine Matthews wants them all destroyed, as they pose a threat to a society that's built on people knowing their place.

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