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"What if something happens to you, because of me?"

The last time we talked about Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2, we feared that Sony might be tipping too much of its hand as to what we can expect in the sequel, which drops in May. We’ve seen a lot of Gwen footage. We dug up another solid look Harry Osborn’s Green Goblin. And we just located an international trailer (via Columbia Pictures), which has even a few more VERY important details revealed in the quick edits.

We’re going to get a little spoilery here, so if you don’t want to devour the latest revelations regarding Webb’s sequel, back out now.

Back when we first started talking to Webb about the sequel, he told us that at the start of this movie, Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) is VERY good at being Spider-Man. And even though it probably has J. Jonah Jameson’s blood boiling, Spider-Man is beloved at the beginning of this clip. Crowds chant. Newscasters report on his latest heroics. He’s idolized. But idols are meant to fall.

The new trailer also gives us excellent new footage of Spider-Man swinging through his home town, the guardian of the city… who is about to run into some major issues. The topic of "Enemies Uniting" is also played up here, and we might see three of the Sinister Six in action. Rhino, Electro and the Green Goblin are all hinted at here, as is Norman Osborn’s larger plan to take Parker down.

Jealousy seems to be the driving factor behind Peter’s enemies, as well. Jamie Foxx gets a few lines of narration explaining how angry he is that everyone on the city "worships" Spider-Man. And Harry finally tips his hand to Peter that he’s jealous that Norman has been paying more attention to young Mr. Parker than he has to his own son. "We have plans for you, Peter Parker," Chris Cooper leers in his sinister Norman voice. Jealousy. So very interesting.

What else did we learn? That corny "Spider-Man in a firefighter hat" image is actually legit. (See the :37 second mark.) At the 2-minute and 10-second mark, we get a GREAT shot of Harry on his Goblin glider. We get the repeated sequence of the Gwen-saving "Thwip!" And we see Gwen surviving. What is that telling us?!

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 opens in theaters on May 2. It will continue the story Webb started in the original movie, even as it sets the stage for a much larger story, because as the tease says, "His greatest battle begins" in this sequel. What did YOU spot in the latest trailer?

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