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The Good Dinosaur Reveals A Closer Look At The Impressive T-Rex Trio

2015 is the greatest year that has ever happened because it’s the first year that will include two Pixar feature films. After the awesomeness that was Inside Out we’re even more excited for The Good Dinosaur this fall. The D23 Expo did not disappoint Pixar fans as they’ve given us a new look at the trio of Tyrannosauruses who will be facing off against our Hero Arlo.

Arlo the Apatosaurus and his human companion Spot will face all sorts of trials, troubles and fierce creatures on their journey together but at D23 this weekend director Peter Sohn and producer Denise Ream showed off a closer look at the three Tyrannosauruses who will be among those fierce creatures. The trio will be voiced by AJ Buckley, Anna Paquin and Sam Elliott, playing the parts of Nash, Ramsey, and Butch respectively. While the T-Rexes certainly look beastly, and the first trailer shows one of them looking ready to attack, the image that we have instead shows them standing with Arlo and Spot, so while the characters may be antagonists at first it looks like they may work together at some point as well.

The movie tells a "what if" story that begins with the idea that the asteroid that caused the dinosaurs mass extinction never happened. Dinosaurs have continued to evolve and are now significantly more intelligent. Humans do exist but are little more than beasts.

The Good Dinosaur has seen one of the longest roads to the screen of any animated film in recent memory. The voice actors of Eliott, Paquin and Buckley are part of the new crop of talent that was brought in when the film went through a major creative overall that resulted in re-casting nearly all the voice talent of the movie. It’s not clear whether these three replaced existing voice actors, or if these characters didn’t even exist prior to the change in the film’s direction.

Our three T-Rexes are part of what appears to be a movie that will not be skimping on the action. The Good Dinosaur is ready to take viewers on an epic journey as Arlo attempts to make his way back home after getting lost. There are several dangerous dinosaurs as well as a dangerous environment that our heroes must make their way through. It also looks to be an emotional journey as well. Something to be prepared for. Apparently this is the year that Pixar makes you cry.

We’re looking forward to this Thanksgiving when The Good Dinosaur is released. There appear to be several more characters we haven’t met yet. Stay tuned in case we get more info from D23. Otherwise we’ll see you in line November 25.

Dirk Libbey
Dirk Libbey

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