Hot Tub Time Machine 2's Super Bowl Spot Has A DeflateGate Joke

If there’s one reason for which we can give credit to the puzzling sequel, Hot Tub Time Machine 2, it’s clearly, no pun intended, timeliness. The upcoming raucous romp rippling through the space-time continuum has unveiled its upcoming Super Bowl spot and, appropriately enough, a joke about the football-related scandal of the month regarding "air pressure" was present in the comedy's new Super Bowl spot and shown in all its prominent, non-flaccid glory.

Indeed, in the wake of the scandal that has rocked the sports world, Hot Tub Time Machine 2 was intent on making sure that the balls which it was obligated to display would not be graspable by dubious, unsportsmanlike means. Because, as anyone can attest, balls need to be handled in a delicate manner, yet, with a modicum of roughness, for they are shy and fickle by nature and the temptation to pull them out and present them to the world in a more dynamic, less-inflated state will always be present. However, HTTM2 is choosing to take the high road and lead by example, demonstrating the need to inflate them.

We're talking about footballs, people. Let's keep it clean.

Now, thanks to the film (and the movie's YouTube page), moviegoers -- nay, humanity as a collective whole -- hve been given this gift of all gifts in the privilege to officially witness the proper procedural ball inflation, despite any horrific reservation their owner might experience in the ball-inflating process. Additional caution is clearly demonstrated, preventing the tragic, annoying consequence of over-inflation. Yet, for all the benevolence on display, the Hot Tub Time Machine 2 team still manages to accomplish this public duty in such a way that it avoids the kind of self-righteous attitude that would have them hanging their properly-inflated balls over the audience's head.

So, get this, Hot Tub Time Machine 2 actually has a plot. And no, it’s not directly related to balls or anything within that general low-hanging region of topics. When we last left the gang in 2010’s original Hot Tub Time Machine, they had altered their futures, ending up rich, happy and fulfilled thanks to their vital discovery of the time-bending effects of Russian energy drinks on luxury spas. However, it seems that, in a move that was clearly inspired by a geriatric Biff Tannen, some dastardly deranged reprobate has come from the future to wreak havoc amongst the group. Now, it seems that everything that the gang has built -- albeit by questionable means of misbegotten knowledge of the future and retroactive intellectual property theft -- is in jeopardy from a mysterious enemy that they can’t even identity! What will they ever do? How will they combat someone who knows their secrets and has grabbed them in the most sensitive of spots while making them cough? (Last one, I promise.)

Hot Tub Time Machine 2 returns with Craig Robinson, Rob Corddry, Clark Duke and Adam Scott (seemingly replacing John Cusack), when it whirlpools its way to theaters on February 20.