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How To Be Single Trailer Offers Dakota Johnson, Lots Of Sex Jokes

We appear to be going through something of an adult comedy renaissance. We’re also seeing a lot of great movies with funny women leading the way. While it’s not clear quite yet just how "adult" How to be Single will actually be, it has yet to be rated, from the first trailer the movie certainly gives the impression of being a bit more of a movie for grown-ups, and it certainly has all the funny women you’ll need.

While this isn’t a red band trailer, you may not want to watch this with your grandmother around. You may have to explain too much. While the language is not vulgar, it is blunt and matter of fact. Seriously, apparently "tit punching" is a thing, and this trailer has it.

The How to be Single trailer follows Dakota Johnson as the newly single Alice learning the ropes of how to be single in New York City by her friend Robin, played by Rebel Wilson, who looks to be having more fun than anybody in this movie. Any movie that is about being single will also be about having sex, and that’s certainly the case here. Robin has turned living life solo into an art form, knowing every trick and twist to enjoying herself, while still having plenty of sex, because you know, priorities. Alice, on the other hand, appears to be utterly lost when it comes to handling being single. Most people probably fall into one camp or the other, giving you your choice of characters to relate to.

What’s most interesting about the trailer is not what it shows us about the movie, but what it does not. Our previous information about the film gave us the impression that its structure was something along the lines of Love, Actually or Valentine’s Day’s, with multiple characters running through multiple, simultaneous storylines. The trailer however shows us almost exclusively Rebel Wilson and Dakota Johnson. Both Leslie Mann and Alison Brie also have significant roles in the movie, but they’re nearly non-existent here. It’s very possible that there’s a lot of this movie that we are not being shown. We may be in store for a series of trailers showing us the multiple storylines. It’s also possible that a decision was made to focus more on this part of the film as a primary story.

Whatever the final film turns out to be we’re certainly interested in learning more. Everybody on board is funny and the movie looks like a good time. Whether your single life looks (or looked) like this or you just wish it did, How to be Single is an education we may all need to have The movie will be out this February.

Dirk Libbey
Dirk Libbey

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