When Marvel announced they were adapting the 2006 miniseries Civil War for the third Captain America movie, fans were understandably intrigued. The original story was a massive event that had enormous consequences for the entire Marvel universe, so it was hard to imagine how all of that could be contained to one solo movie. As we’ve since learned, this movie will be smaller in scale compared to the original story, and although it’s been "affectionately" nicknamed Avengers 2.5 due to its large cast, the focus will be primarily on Steve Rogers since this remains a Captain America movie.

Those are just a few of the differences that Captain America: Civil War will feature, and although a trailer hasn’t been released yet, there are there things we can predict will be massively different. We’ve accumulated the biggest changes Marvel will have to make in order for the film to work within the confines of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. These range from leaving out characters the studio can’t legally use to changing the reasons for the superhero conflict kicking off. Stories are rarely 100% the same when adapted into movies/television shows, and in Civil War’s case, a lot is going to be adjusted or outright eliminated.

Secret Identities Likely Won't Be As Important
Secret Identities Likely Won't Be As Important
In the Marvel comics, there are plenty of heroes who still have secret identities, but that’s not the case in the MCU. Nearly every major hero in the film universe is recognizable to the public. That’s why Captain America: Civil War is focusing less on the implications of telling the government who you really are and more on the heroes other superhumans being regulated by a governing body. Of the heroes that have officially been announced for the film (sorry, Daredevil), Spider-Man is the only one who would be negatively impacted by an unmasking. That said, since since his solo movie is arriving in 2017, it’s highly unlikely his secret identity will be exposed to the public like it was in the comics. How can a teenager deal with everyday high school problems if his classmates know he’s a web-slinging crime fighter?

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