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Iron Man 3 Images Reveal Tony's Destroyed Mansion And More

The first trailer is finally arriving tomorrow, but there's still time for one last tease of what we'll see in Iron Man 3. After the debut of the now-standard "teaser for the trailer" yesterday, we've now got four new images from the film, plus some information from Marvel President Kevin Feige and director Shane Black about what we can expect from Tony Stark's new adventures. Check out two of those new images below.

The rest you can find over at USA Today where there's also an article in which Black drops some hints about where we'll find Tony Stark in this adventure. As you can tell in that top photos, Tony's Malibu mansion takes a serious beating at the beginning of the movie at the hands of the Mandarin (Ben Kingsley), who seems to have a very personal vendetta against our hero. But while Tony is still the billionaire philanthropist playboy we know, he's also stripped down to his bare essentials as he was in the Afghanistan cave at the beginning of the first Iron Man. Feige explains further:

"While he is a charming guy, it is often hard to root for a genius billionaire playboy philanthropist because they seem to have it all. In this movie, we are again going to see him stripped down more than we've ever seen him since he was in that cave, again with his back against the wall and with nothing but his wits to help him survive."

What's intriguing about talk like that is that it suggests a darker, more desperate direction for Iron Man 3, but without relying on Tony's personal vices, which helped make the second film feel like more of a detour than it should have been. I like the idea of the Mandarin being a villain beyond what Tony can handle, since the problem with the Iron Man franchise as a whole has been villains who seem like half-baked, cobbled-together versions of Iron Man who can be easily defeated (Sam Rockwell's Justin Hammer could have been an exception, but who even remembers him being part of the second movie).

We'll see what else Mandarin has in store in the trailer that drops tomorrow, and all will be revealed when Iron Man 3 opens May 3 next year.

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend