At some point we'll be able to stop writing about Iron Man 3 every hour, but today does not seem to be that day. With the film's first trailer coming tomorrow, Disney and Marvel are pulling out all the promotional stops, revealing new images, a teaser for the trailer, and now a teaser poster in quick succession. You can check out the new teaser poster below, and below that, our first-ever look at Ben Kingsley as the fearsome villain, Mandarin.

The teaser poster comes straight from Marvel Studios, while the Mandarin image debuted at Entertainment Weekly, where there's an accompanying article that suggests a lot of the Mandarin lines we saw in the Comic Con footage will be repeated in tomorrow's trailer.

But while we continue to wait for that, let's focus on the teaser poster, which features the same gallery of Iron Man suits that were featured in the first set photo and also made the journey to the showroom floor at Comic Con. They're clearly really into this image of all the previous generation Iron Man suits in one place, and whether that's because they'll play an integral role in the film, or just because they want to focus on the legacy of the previous two Iron Man movies, I'm not sure. After all, this will be the first film in the franchise not directed by Jon Favreau, so it's possible they're trying got build up a strong link between the first two and this new one, directed by Shane Black. Or maybe there's some credence to this rumor about the film's finale including 40 different Iron Man robots fighting evil.

We probably won't get a hint about that in the trailer tomorrow, but hopefully plenty will be revealed. We'll have it here for you as soon as it goes live, so keep coming back!

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