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Jason Momoa is a guy with some thoughts on Hollywood. And he's not the type to keep them in, particularly on Instagram -- as you can see below. Especially not for his passion project Road To Paloma, which he is currently promoting after having starred in and directed the film. That's a much bigger commitment than his rumored association with Aquaman in Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice, and it means a lot more. But, sadly, people wanna know about the superhero rather than the movie.

Released by the suddenly-legit WWE Films, the meditative drama Road to Paloma is the story of a biker who must avenge his mother's death. But it's not an action film per se, instead emphasizing the family ties that restrict us, and the loneliness of the open road. This isn't Sons Of Anarchy. It's something a lot smaller and sadder. Catch the trailer below.

Jason Momoa's been outspoken about this before: he apparently turned down the role of Drax in Guardians Of The Galaxy because he didn't think the role would push him as a performer and actor. Which might have been a bit too harsh, particularly to star Dave Bautista: what Momoa more likely dislikes is the pressures of these big films, and how they seem to dominate conversations. He can pour his heart, his soul and his talent into years of making Road To Paloma, but it's a small film, released by Anchor Bay. The fans are used to dealing with the properties they know, which is why the few weeks he spends in swim trunks as Aquaman is more significant.

And so the journalists and fans ask him about Aquaman. Again and again. The role is a smart career decision for Momoa, in that there's not much pressure to produce while standing alongside Superman and Batman, but also because it gives him the mainstream cred to make several Road To Paloma-type movies, which are cheap and turn a profit even if none capture the zeitgeist. But it also involves tons of media coverage, the likes of which is already pissing Momoa off even though we're a full year and a half away from the movie.

So he takes to his social media outlets to vent his rage.

Fans (and sometimes the worst journalists, many of whom can be found at press junkets) forget that actors are real people. They do their job, then they go home to kiss their spouse, feed their pet, and chase their kid around the home. If you were very proud of your craft, and you had spent years toiling on something that reveals a certain level of passion or dedication, it would be annoying if no one wanted to talk about it, instead spending all their energy discussing something trivial you had done instead.Road To Paloma hit theaters back in July and is currently available on Blu-Ray or your preferred steaming services. Watch it while you wait for Aquaman news.