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It's pretty hard to argue against the success that Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence have had together. The acting duo first came together as an odd-ball romantic pairing in David O. Russell's Silver Linings Playbook (a performance that won Lawrence the Best Actress Oscar at the Academy Awards), but just last year they reunited when Russell hired them to play characters on opposite sides of the same story in the period comedic thriller American Hustle. That's two films in two years, but perhaps what's most amazing is that a third is already on the way. Director Sussane Bier's dark drama Serena will once again bring Cooper and Lawrence back together on screen, and while we still don't know exactly when we will get to see the movie, at the very least today The Film Stage has delivered a while bunch of new stills.

Admittedly these perhaps aren't the most exciting images you'll see all day, the shots will definitely give you a sense of Serena's aesthetic and period. The movie is based on the 2008 book by Ron Rash and stars the leading actors as George and Serena Pemberton, ambitious newlyweds who move to North Carolina in 1929 in hopes of finding success. Together they open a timber business, and will do anything to make it grow. Things start to get horrible when Serena discovers that she is unable to have children of her own, and winds up taking it out on her husband's illegitimate son. While they don't appear in the new images, the film also stars Rhys Ifans, Toby Jones and Sean Harris.

As mentioned earlier, we sadly still have no idea when the movie will actually be arriving here in the United States. Serena didn't play at either Sundance or SXSW - though it's possible it could end up at Cannes, Toronto or Venice before being released some time in the Fall. There is no North American distributor set up yet, though it does have some European release dates planned starting in June).

It may be a while before we get to see Serena for ourselves, so in the meantime let's just enjoy Cooper and Lawrence's previous work together:

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