Jimmy Buffett Appeared In Jurassic World, And Odds Are You Saw Him

If you’re reading this, chances are that you were one of the multitudes of fans who got their dinosaur fix this weekend as Jurassic World threw open its doors to box office history and a paddock full of cash. If you were, you undoubtedly noticed all of the winks, nods, and hints that the film left out to previous installments – as well as where the series could go in its potential sequels. But there is another that you probably noticed without actually realizing it. During the Pteranodon /Dimorphodon attack that wrecked the park's Main Street, there was a man rather preoccupied with saving his margaritas from Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville. Surprise surprise, that man was actually none other than Buffet himself protecting his investment!

Yahoo has the proof of this cameo, as their set visit included some time talking to production designer Edward Verreaux. In that conversation, Mr. Margaritaville is pointed out trying to "gingerly keep the margaritas safe." Further confirmation can be found not only on the Jurassic World site, where a picture of the "Cheeseburger In Paradise" singer can be found, but also on Buffett's Twitter feed, where he posted the following photo celebrating National Beer Day this past April:

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The cameo, a result of a friendship between Jimmy Buffett and Jurassic World producer Frank Marshall, is not the first time that the singer has made his way into the movies. It is, however, a fun little nod to Buffett's restaurant being in the park, and gives us enough evidence to support our crazy fan theory that the protagonist from "Margaritaville" is the lush we see hording liquor during the impending dinopocalypse. Though, to be fair, if you saw a creature that looked like a Tyrannosaur that sprouted wings heading your way, you'd probably be self-medicating as well.

Another fun fact about Jurassic World's main plaza is the fact that the shops and stores you see in action were actually fully operational retail outlets. All were built on a set that occupied the parking lot of the former Six Flags New Orleans location, in order to maintain the authentic look and feel of the various businesses from which the park had sponsorships. As you can see in Buffett's Tweet above, the booze was easily flowing for extras that were of proper age to get a dose of method acting. Of course, judging by the events of Jurassic World, and the strength of those margaritas, it could be a safe bet that Jimmy Buffett made it out of the park alive, and ready to toast to a sequel.

Should he come back for a second Jurassic World film, it'd be interesting to see how Jimmy Buffett would find a way to appear again. Perhaps he can team up with newly minted franchise star, and fellow musical performer, Chris Pratt's Owen Grady character. After all, there's bound to be more raptors bred after the madness of Jurassic World's ending, and if music soothes the savage beast, we can't help but think that Blue and her new pals would enjoy any of Buffett's beach bum rock hits... so long as he doesn't break out into a rendition of Volcano. They might be a little sore about that one.

Jurassic World is in theaters now, so if you need to go back and take a look for Jimmy Buffett and his twin Margaritas, you now have enough information to do so.

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