Josh Duhamel Narrated Documentary Planet Ocean Hits Blu-ray And DVD In April

Planet Ocean is a documentary that uses beautiful shots of deep waters and the creatures that live there to advocate for marine life and protections that need to go into place to make the ocean a safe place to survive and thrive. Josh Duhamel narrates the documentary and I very much wish his narrative talents were on display in the trailer for the upcoming Blu-ray and DVD release on April 9. Honestly, if you are going to bring in celebrity talent for a documentary, why not use it?

The one thing Universal Studios Home Entertainment gets really right in the above trailer for the release of Yann Arthus-Bertrand's documentary is the picture quality, which looks colorful and vivid both above and below marine waters. Otherwise, the trailer isn’t spectacular, but the documentary is sure to look better in HD. Overall, the story is one about sustainability and potential change in human behaviors and if that’s up your alley, Planet Ocean may be worth checking out.

If you haven’t heard of the documentary, it only earned a global screening recently and will be gaining wider prominence with its home entertainment release next month. Both Blu-ray and DVD copies will come with the same bonus features, so the real decision is whether or not you want to pay a little extra for HD picture if you plan to pick this one up. If you are just wanting to catch a feel-good ocean moment, you can watch these dudes rescue a baby dolphin or catch a sea otter finding safe haven on a boat, escaping the clutches of a killer whale.

However, if you are excited about Planet Ocean, you can pre-order the set over at Amazon or check out the bonus features, below.

Planet Ocean Bonus Features

  • “The Making of Planet Ocean
  • “In the Skies Above Rio”
  • “Underwater” featuring underwater cinematographers
  • “Shanghai”
Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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