Josh Hutcherson Confirms He's Still On The Spider-Man Shortlist

Josh Hutcherson sitting in a chair and looking intense with a white suit on.

The process of casting the new Peter Parker for Sony's Spider-Man reboot has already chewed up one talkative young actor-- tough luck, Logan Lerman-- but still-shortlisted Josh Hutcherson is not deterred. The 17-year-old star of this summer's terrific indie The Kids Are All Right talked to Movieline recently and admitted he is still on the shortlist, and that it's a little terrifying having all this scrutiny on him for a role he may not even get.

He didn't have all that much to say, of course-- "it's an honor," "it'd be an amazing role," "I'm really excited for them restarting either way"-- but it's nice to know that he didn't just lock up entirely when the subject of the webslinger came up. Below is an excerpt of the interview for you Spidey completists. After seeing Hutcherson in The Kids Are All Right I'm rooting for him to get the part, so hopefully some slightly loose lips won't doom his chances.

It was recently reported that Aaron Johnson and Anton Yelchin were now on the shortlist for the role. Are you still in the mix?Yeah. I mean, it’d be an amazing role, I think. I grew up loving the movies, so we’ll see. It’d be an amazing movie to be a part of.It seems like it’s been a really long casting process.It has. I think they went through a couple different breakdowns. They’re trying to figure out who exactly it is and what they want it to be and lock that down.Does it freak you out at all? It’s a very public process.I mean it is, but it’s kind of exciting at the same time to see how much excitement there is already built up about it. I’m really excited for the restarting either way. People are like, “Did you read the comics growing up?” No, not really, but the first movie came out when I was nine years old! I grew up watching those movies.

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend