Luke Skywalker May Have A Son In Star Wars 7, Get The Details

The rumor mills regarding Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens have been churning this week as if it were powered by Bespin-imported Tibanna gas. The latest one seems to establish a family connection in the film that may actually prove central to the still-mysterious plot of the upcoming sequel. Yes, it seems that one of the characters we know about in Force will actually turn out to be the son of the moisture farmer and reaper of innocent womp rats-turned Jedi hero, Luke Skywalker!

WARNING: Potential spoiler territory ahead! Proceed with caution!

According to a rumor reported by, one key character in the film will turn out to be an irascible Skywalker spawn. The character in question happens to be played by Domhnall Gleeson (pictured below in 2012's Anna Karenina), one of the Harry Potter series’ former Weasleys, whose star is rising with dramas like Unbroken and the upcoming cyber-drama, Ex Machina. The angle seems to supplement MSW’s previously reported rumor which depicted the relationship between Gleeson’s character, a Rebel defector, turned Imperial Commandant and that of Gwendoline Christies’ who is supposedly his right hand and the head of a unit of "Chrome Shocktroopers."

According to the report, the actions taken by Gleeson’s Imperial Commandant will be "huge in the film." The latest rumor claims that he’s actually a double spy, whose agenda fits neither the sides of the Rebellion nor the Empire. He’s essentially a militant extremist who, according to "his internal moral compass" sees these perpetually warring forces as both sides of the same destructive coin. This complements the previously rumored details about Gleeson’s character, who supposedly defected from the Rebellion upon learning of their plans to create a secret powerful weapon akin to a Death Star. Apparently rising up the ranks of the remaining forces of The Empire, Gleeson’s character seems to have a secret agenda of destroying both Rebel and Imperial super weapons and, for some unknown reason, hunting down John Boyega’s Finn. The potential revelation that he could be the son of Luke Skywalker lends credence to last year’s "GTFO" rumors which implied that Luke, after years of isolation, would lose his marbles and become the film’s villain.

Such a theme even plays to the idea of the title. Gleeson’s character, nursing his bitterness for both sides and apparently possessing Force-sensitive lineage, could be the person who "Awakens" The Force, and attempts to use it for what would likely be a destructive agenda. This can easily be coupled with another of MSW’s rumors claiming that the film finds Luke Skywalker as a bearded recluse who has spent decades in hiding guarding a potentially powerful "ancient Sith tomb" with major Force-related implications. It could also be the case that this is the source of the new trilogy’s seemingly obligatory Luke/Vader-esque father/son conflict. This time, however, there’s potentially more damage in store than a chopped hand. —More like Galactic annihilation!

Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens looks to continue the franchise tradition of never ending "this destructive conflict" and bring order(s) to the galaxy of merchandise when it hits theaters on December 18.