The Marvel Superhero Ron Perlman Believes He Was Born To Play

Ron Perlman will go down in history as Hellboy. He played that particular part so well that many consider the Hellboy franchise to be one of the best superhero series of all time. That being said, Perlman himself has other plans in mind when it comes to taking on new roles within the comic book genre. As it turns out, there’s one particular character he thinks he’s destined to play, and that character will soon debut alongside Ryan Reynolds’ Wade Wilson. Cable.

The 66-year-old actor recently took to Facebook to post the above photo of himself alongside iconic X-Man Cable in order to prove that he's the perfect choice for the character in Deadpool 2. In the caption to the photo he makes a remark about being the only actor whose hair matches that of Nathan Summers. Although it may seem like a ridiculous aspect of the character to place such heavy emphasis on, the Merc with the Mouth did make a special point to bring up the character’s white flat top during the post-credits scene of Deadpool, so kudos to Ron Perlman for picking up on that.

Tim Miller’s Deadpool opened up a brave new world of possibilities for FOX’s X-Men universe. With Deadpool 2 on the way, the only thing we truly know for sure is the fact that time-travelling badass Cable will soon make an appearance. With that in mind, fans have begun speculating as to who would make the best candidate – with choices ranging from Jon Hamm to Keira Knightley – and several major Hollywood actors besides Perlman have thrown their respective hats in the ring for the part as well. All that being said, Ron Perlman makes a serious case for him to become the rightful heir to the highly-coveted part in the next Deadpool film.

Ron Perlman wouldn’t let the matter rest either, as he would post another side-by-side photo to his Facebook soon after featuring a photo of himself and art from his favorite artist, Shaine Schroeder. Check it out below:

The hunt for the proper Cable is an incredibly important one. His introduction will be almost as important as Deadpool’s in setting up properties like X-Force and other major R-rated FOX films. Ron Perlman seems like a good fit for the part, but only time will tell if he makes the final cut. We will keep you posted regarding any and all updates related to Deadpool 2 as they become available to us.

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