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The NFL’s first openly gay draft pick has landed himself into hot water. Michael Sam saw a showing of The Force Awakens and tweeted a major spoiler immediately afterward. We won’t give away the spoiler ourselves, but it’s THE spoiler of the movie. The biggest moment in the whole thing. Afterward, the internet basically exploded with hatred and condemnation for Sam’s actions, and he quickly took it down.

After removing his foolish tweet, Sam tweeted a terrible excuse for an apology saying:

What a lovely way of taking responsibility for actions that ruined possibly thousands of Star Wars fans’ experience. Really, I’m almost brought to tears from the genuine nature of this apology. If we ignore the prequel films, and we probably should, then fans of Star Wars have waited 30 years for The Force Awakens. How he didn’t realize ruining the ending of such an anticipated film would anger people is beyond me.

Michael Sam has a verified twitter account and has over 251 thousand followers as of today. Presumably he had a bit more before becoming a ruiner of movies and childhoods alike. While this following isn’t as massive as some more famous celebrities and athletes, it’s a TON of people who may have unknowingly had their movie going experience botched.

In the spoiler-alert culture, both informed and uninformed parties need to be vigilant in order to ensure that everyone has the same opportunity to enjoy media; this includes movies, TV shows, and video games. I haven’t watched Mad Men yet, but I sure as hell don’t want to know how it ends- I might end up binge-watching it one day. If something crazy happens and I miss the new episode of The Walking Dead, I’d have to go off the grid until I could be caught up, while also dodging in person conversations in my daily life.

Michael Sam first came into the public eye when he became the first openly gay man to be drafted into the NFL. While he ended up being cut from the St. Louis Rams after training camp, he still holds the title for being drafted. Sam eventually ended up becoming a professional for the Canadian Football League, and is the first openly gay man to be hired in this capacity.

The ill-fated twitter also did a stint on Dancing With The Stars in it’s 20th season. Sam ended up being eliminated rather early, coming in 10th place, despite an emotional final performance.

Hopefully Michael Sam learned a hard lesson about the responsibility of notoriety. While it’s unacceptable for anyone to spoil the ending of a major film or TV show, it’s especially bad when you have hundreds of thousands of people as a captive audience. Food for thought.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is in theaters now.