Movie Star Catches Fan Watching Pirated Movie, Calls Him Out

It’s very rare that you get the chance to confront someone who is so brazenly breaking the law without a care in the world. Especially when the crime is intricately linked to yourself. Bollywood actress Kriti Sanon was presented with this opportunity towards the end of last year though, when she saw someone watching a pirated version of her film Dilwale, which is still in cinemas, on a plane using a mini-projector. She then posted an image that perfectly encapsulated the moment to Twitter for her 420,000 followers to enjoy.

Not to besmirch a man’s name completely, but he is acting like a grade-A villain during this picture. I’m sure this image isn’t indicative of him as a human being, and he is a lovely individual who gives to charity and probably flosses twice a day. But not only has the man illegally downloaded one of the most popular films that’s still currently in Indian cinemas, but he’s also using a mini projector to show the world about his criminal output. It’s akin to a James Bond villain stealing a nuclear warhead and then slowly explaining to 007 how he plans to detonate it. Maybe.

Luckily, Kriti Sanon was there to confront the above criminal mastermind. You see, Sanon was actually on the flight when she noticed that Dilwale was being projected right in front of her on a wall of the plane. Intrigued, Sanon soon set out to find what was going on and was shocked to find the man watching it in this fashion.

Now, just to give you an indication of how popular Dilwale is in India, Star Wars: The Force Awakens recently finished third at the box office behind the week-old release. In fact, Dilwale even clawed its way into the top 10 of the U.S. box office last month, too.

Sanon didn’t take this gross injustice lying down, and she soon approached her fellow passenger about the fact he was illegally watching Dilwale. Unfortunately, being confronted by the film’s star didn’t stop the man from watching the film. In fact, Sanon later tweeted that he was too interested in showing off his nifty projector to care about the embarrassment.

It will be interesting to see if piracy officials decided to take such a lackadaisical approach with his actions though.

Gregory Wakeman