Olivia Munn May Buzz Around Iron Man 2 As The Wasp

I’ve never been one to shy away from an unpopular stance, especially when I know I’m right. So here’s one: I hate Olivia Munn. Don’t get me wrong, I like looking at her, I just wish we could all stop pretending she has knowledge or talent. She’s a poser. A fraud. A fake. She’s built a career on being a technology expert and a gamer when in fact there’s almost no evidence anywhere that she’s ever played a video game when there’s not a camera on her. I wouldn’t be surprised if she has to hire the neighbor kid to program her DVR. But no one notices because she’s on a show which caters to babe-starved nerds, she reads a teleprompter, and she’s really pretty. She’s an all-you-can eat buffet in a weight-loss clinic. She’s made her career out of being a fanboy-whore and a nerd-tease and it’s totally paying off, because now she may be one of The Avengers.

This rumor comes from a site called Forces of Geek (not to be confused with the other dozen or so sites with geek in their url which have popped up in the past year to try and pander to the suddenly cool and infinitely gullible geek crowd) where they claim she’s being cast in Iron Man 2 as The Wasp. FOG claims their source is reliable. Is it? Who knows. Countdown till someone runs a counter-rumor starts now.

What we do know is that a few weeks ago Iron Man 2 director Jon Favreau confirmed that he’d given Munn an unspecified cameo in Iron Man 2, likely as a way of pandering to the same slavering geek crowd Munn has built a career on fooling. Favreau has already said she’s playing a character from the Marvel universe. Giving her wings and turning her into The Wasp is actually pretty plausible.

Iron Man 2 is supposed to be one of the lead-in movies which sets up Marvel’s superhero team-up film The Avengers. So if Munn’s really in Iron Man 2 as a superhero character, you’ve gotta wonder if she might not show up in The Avengers for a bigger role. I hope not, because she can’t act. Not that any of you will notice, you’ll be hypnotized by her ass. Best case scenario here the rumor’s untrue. Second best case scenario she’s playing The Wasp, but we’ll never see her in costume and she’ll just walk up to someone, identify herself as The Wasp’s alter-ego Janet Van Dyne, and get out of the way. Worst case scenario we stare at her amply exposed cleavage through two movies. Alright maybe I should stop complaining.

Josh Tyler