Because it's not based on any previously existing characters and it's not a sequel, Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim is one of the stealthier would-be hits of the coming summer season. That is, until you get a look at trailers like this one, and realize that this thing is ready to blow our socks off so long as we give it the chance.

This footage popped up today on YouTube with a special message from director Guillermo del Toro himself, explaining it was intended just for WonderCon audiences originally, but it was too much fun not to share:

This was originally intended for only WonderCon, but after listening to so many of you asking for more of the movie online, I think it's time for me to show you more footage. Enjoy, my friends!

When Eric saw this footage at WonderCon, he called it "absolutely amazing," and pointed out that this is really the first time we've gotten a good look at Charlie Day's character, described as a "hipster scientist" and played by the It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia star who seems just as surprised as you are to be part of a giant monster movie. That narration, though, belongs to Charlie Hunnam, who along with Rinko Kikuchi plays one of two Jaeger pilots who fights against the monstrous Kaiju when the rest of humanity seems to have given up.

Pacific Rim comes to theaters on July 12, opposite Adam Sandler's Grown-Ups 2. This trailer isn't the first suggestion that del Toro's new film might be something special, but it makes a pretty damn good argument for being there to see it for yourself on opening day.

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