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For those of us who were overcome with joy when Dreamworks announced that Shrek 4 would be the last in the series, this Puss In Boots spin-off is a direct kick to the grief bone. The well-loved (though not by me) franchise will live on with Antonio Banderas leading the way and if there was a way for me to aggressively yawn about this in writing believe me I would.

A new poster was released over at Market Saw and if it wasn’t for this movie it would be pretty cool. The action hero walking stoically away from the destruction he leaves in his wake, pretty bad ass. Unfortunately, it just confirms that this movie is no joke and a marketing push is right around the corner. Expect many, MANY fast food endorsement deals just like the Shrek campaigns.

We’re still waiting for a new trailer since the teaser from March was god awful, but don’t expect this to be better than Shrek. Check out the new poster below or full-size over at Market Saw.