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Jennifer Lopez vs. Rosie Perez, who would win? Sorry but I’m not talking about a catfight or even a Celebrity Death Match episode. The In Living Color alums are going at it over the chance to make a Sonia Sotomayor biopic.

Lopez and Perez are trying to acquire the rights to make a movie about the life of the new Supreme Court Justice. According to Hollywood.com, both women have been following Sotormayor’s career even before she made history by becoming the first Latina appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Apparently their friendship dating back to their days as “The Fly Girls” can’t withstand their desperation to make the film. A source told the National Enquirer “Rosie resents Jennifer going after the project because she says she would have wanted to make the movie whether Sotomayor was confirmed or not.” Perez claims Lopez held a dinner party after the Justice’s confirmation just to butter her up.

Why not make bank on this feud in addition to the film? Who Wants To Make Sotomayor’s Movie, Lopez and Perez duke it out reality show-style and the winner nabs the rights. You know you’d tune in!