Director Duncan Jones gave thousands of people a taste of what he has planned for his upcoming Warcraft movie when he played a test footage trailer that aired a couple weeks ago at San Diego Comic-Con, but now it seems as though more details about the long-in-development project have leaked out. Bleeding Cool has posted a few character descriptions and details about the film, and while none of the information has been confirmed and it all stands as rumor for now, it sounds very cool.

For starters, the site says that Jones plans to make the movie as a hardcore fantasy epic, adding about the project, "names are big and a spellcheck unfriendly, there will be mythical creatures all over the place, the magic will flow and so will the talk of prophecies and ancient artefacts[sic]." (And why not? Game of Thrones does it for a few weeks every year and the ratings are through the roof). The new film is said to not be based on the more recent World of Warcraft games, but it will instead be more inspired by the strategy games that were first released in the mid-90s.

The real meat-and-potatoes of Bleeding Cool's post, however, rests in the description of the three lead characters. Right at the heart of the story will be the hero known as Khadgar, " a young consul to the Kirin Tor senate, rulers of the city of Dalaran." Doing his duty for the city, he is assigned to find out who has been committing a string of crimes - but he soon finds that the answer he is looking for lays beyond the city walls.

Working with Khadgar and serving as the character's mentor is Medivh, who is described as a mage who protects Dalaran from demons. BC's report says tbat he can almost be described as "Gandalf meets Captain Jack Sparrow," and adds that Johnny Depp has actually been rumored for the part - though it doesn't sound like anything is necessarily brewing.

The final main character is Lothar, who is the leader of the King's army. He is described as a role that Dwayne Johnson or Mark Strong could play, and that he is a very brave warrior, "but maybe a touch too bold." The King and his lady will also reportedly be parts to play in the movie, but the site doesn't provide any real details about what kind of role they play in the story.

Sources also tell the site that Orcs will definitely be playing a role in the story (it's Warcraft, they kind of have to be there) and that other creatures on the map will include "dwarves, trolls, elves, revenants and wraiths."

Production on Warcraft is scheduled to start early next year, so look for it in theaters sometime in summer 2015. In the meantime, stay tuned over the next few months for all of the updates about the project.

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