Scary Movie 5 Photo Shows Lindsay Lohan And Charlie Sheen In Bed Together

Finally, the image you've all been waiting for: Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan in bed together! What? You weren't waiting for that? Well you're going to get it anyway! The photo gives us a look at the upcoming Scary Movie 5, and shows Sheen and Lohan in a somewhat cozy situation.

When we learned this summer that Lohan and Sheen would be making an appearance in Dimension Films' fourth Scary Movie sequel, it was also revealed that one or both of them will have the honors of being killed off at the start of the movie. Given the parodic nature of the films, word of their characters' demise isn't nearly as much of a spoiler as how they meet it would be. There's no word on that, but given the headlines both have made for their past legal and professional troubles, a train wreck might be fitting little jab, if not particularly horror-related. Then again, that joke was already told in the ad for Sheen's Anger Management, so maybe not. While we can only speculate as to how they die in the movie, this photo gives us a peek at the duo in bed.

It's hard to say what's happening here. Maybe they're just waking up? Just guessing based on their positioning and facial expressions, Lohan looks confused though, or like she just thought of something. While Charlie seems a bit more relaxed. It also looks like Lohan might be wearing something racy, but it's hard to say under all that hair.

In addition to Sheen and Lohan, Scary Movie 5 will star Ashley Tisdale, Molly Shannon, Heather Locklear and Simon Rex. The film is said to parody Black Swan, with Tisdale playing one of three dancers trying to land the lead role in a dance production.

Kelly West
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