Selena Gomez Pretends To Be Famous In Trailer For Monte Carlo

There is perhaps no older standby in Hollywood than mistaken identity. From It Takes Two to Oceans 12 to Date Night to North By Northwest to The Big Lebowski, people can't get enough of spur of the moment impersonations and mixed-up name tags. I'd be tempted to call it a genre unto itself except many of these movies have absolutely nothing in common apart from their blunderous premises. Or maybe they do and I'm missing the corollaries. Let me know after you watch the trailer for Monte Carlo.

The newest from Selena Gomez, Leighton Meester and Katie Cassidy follows the three normal girls as they save up tips and head for their dream vacation in Paris. Along the way, one of them is mistaken for a British heiress by the local press, and they decide to just go with it, playing pollo at high end estates, gorging themselves on free lobster and generally acting like teenage girls suddenly given the key to untapped wealth. Take a look below…

Monte Carlo may not be the freshest film to come down the pike in the last decade, but I must admit there's something about it which looks pretty fun. Plus, it's nice to see Katie Cassidy getting some more movie work after performing admirably in her scenes in Taken. With low expectations and a fundamental need to be more cute than good, Monte Carlo should be pleasing enough to its intended audience who no doubt overwhelmingly approve of the fantasy of suddenly discovering hundreds of designer shoes at your disposal.

Fun fact: IMDB just told me Julia Roberts and Nicole Kidman were originally targeted to star until the script was redone to play younger. That must have been an extensive rewrite. Monte Carlo opens in theaters on July 1st. If the rest is equally as good as this trailer, many girls will see it once and not regret their decision.

Mack Rawden
Editor In Chief

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