Sexy Magic Mike XXL Trailer: It's Not Bro Time, It's Showtime

I stopped counting the number of dick references in the new Magic Mike XXL trailer after I hit double digits. Most of you in the target demo are on board for the sequel already. If some of you need additional convincing, this trailer has Joe Manganiello making sweet, sweet love to a Pepsi machine.

Steven Soderbergh’s 2012 DIY indie Magic Mike was a hit, banking $167 million globally on a reported budget of $7 million. I wouldn’t call it a surprise hit, because anytime you pack that many handsome dudes into a movie about male strippers, a gigantic female audience (and a healthy male audience) is going to attend, even out of curiosity. The sequel, Magic Mike XXL, was a bit of a surprise, especially after Soderbergh claimed he wasn’t returning to the world of G-strings and body glitter. But Channing Tatum had a story idea, and longtime Soderbergh collaborator Gregory Jacobs was willing to direct, so we’re off to the races.

Actually, we’re off to Myrtle Beach, as Magic Mike XXL is being sold as a road trip movie, a "one-last-ride" story of male strippers heading to the land of beachfront neon for a convention, and a final dance performance. The cast looks like they’re still having a ton of fun playing the devil-may-care dancers. I love seeing Andie MacDowell getting in on the fun. There’s a huge female presence in this sequel, according to IMDB. Amber Heard, Elizabeth Banks and Jada Pinkett Smith all have roles. (The latter gives us our headline, which I love.) I also spotted newcomer Donald Glover in the above trailer.

Do you know who I don’t see in the trailer? Matthew McConaughey, whose club owner – Dallas – added extra flavor to the campiness of the movie. What, you win an Oscar, and you are too good for THIS, McConaughey?

Channing Tatum continues to lead that charge in this summer’s Magic Mike XXL, which takes place three years after the first movie, and promises to see the guys leaving the life, but going out with one final, blowout show. It co-stars Matt Bomer, Joe Manganiello, Kevin Nash, Adam Rodriguez, Gabriel Iglesias, Amber Heard, Donald Glover, Stephen ‘tWitch’ Boss and former NFL great turned talk show host, Michael Strahan. It promises to invade theaters on July 1. Are you going?

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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