Splice hits theaters this Friday, and if you're interested in good horror, good independent films, or something that isn't Marmaduke or Killers, it's probably your best bet at the theater this weekend. The movie by Vincenzo Natali has been getting a gigantic marketing campaign from Warner Bros., particularly for a movie that premiered at Sundance, and they're still pulling out all the stops even in the last days. A new internet-only trailer has debuted over at Yahoo! Movies, and you can watch it in HD there or embedded below.

The trailer does a nice job of couching the movie's sci-fi ideas about genetic splicing and mutants with the real science we've seen in the past. Basically, the scientists played by Adrien Brody and Sarah Polley aren't doing anything evil, just taking cloning to its logical conclusion. And then, of course, they're scaring the hell out of you in the process. Check out the trailer below and witness how science can go horribly wrong.

Watch in HD at Yahoo! Movies

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