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Star Wars 7, As Directed By Wes Anderson

I’m not sure which I’ve enjoyed more, the actual Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer (which is incredible), or the clever spoofs that have emerged in the days following its release. We recently brought you a funny clip that used the Force Awakens audio to show what J.J. Abrams’ Guardians of the Galaxy would look like. Thene there was the LEGO version of the teaser. Now, there’s a spot-on version of the Star Wars trailer, as if Wes Anderson had directed it.

Jonah Feingold posted the clip to YouTube, and it does more than just ape Wes Anderson’s distinct visual cues and music nods. The fantastic font choices, the moments when he chooses to pause (and zoom in) on a given scene – it’s like Feingold crawled inside the head of the Life Aquatic and Grand Budapest Hotel filmmaker and translated the Force Awakens footage for a different audience. It’s pretty brilliant.

The Force Awakens

Do you need a reminder of how awesome the Force Awakens trailer actually was? OK, fine, give it another spin.

The Wes Anderson spoof isn’t the only one out there, of course. But it’s one of the most clever we’ve seen, because it understands exactly how the "voice" of certain footage can change so drastically with mild alterations to tone, music and specific edits. For example, will be be able to think of anything now but "a hooded ruffian" when we see this character play out next December?

Hooded Ruffian

Come next year, though, we’ll all be settling in for, as "Wes" puts it, a magnificent spectacle, and things of that nature.


Star Wars: The Force Awakens opens in theaters on Dec. 18, 2015.

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