Sean: So which would you prefer? Should they take something like the Dark Empire series or the Jedi Academy (which have Han and Luke as characters, right?) and just doctor the time frame? Or would you like for Abrams and screenwriter Michael Arndt to just go in a completely new and fresh direction? Familiar or totally original?

Adam: I think clearly George Lucas had his own ideas for what might happen to the characters after Return of the Jedi. He had some story treatments and outlines that he gave Disney as part of the deal, right? I don't think we'll see an adaptation of an Expanded Universe novel. But I think they may pull certain characters, including the Solo-Organa family, and possibly even characters like Mara Jade and her son with Luke, Ben Skywalker. It's hard to imagine a post-Jedi Solo that doesn't marry Leia and have force-sensitive twins ... that just seems like the natural direction to go to me.

Sean: Alright, bear with me, because I'm not as versed in this as you, Master Frazier. What if Ford only signs on for a cameo? Do we think, for sure, the he'll be a major character? What if the others don't show up? Are you still gung-ho? Or are you really waiting to see how Ford will be used?

Adam: It's possible that he just shows up as a cameo, as some high-ranking member of the Alliance or something -- even if he isn't a main character, Hamill will still be the heart of the saga as he takes over the reigns of the Obi-Wan mentor figure.

Am I gung-ho? At this point, I'm incredibly optimistic about Star Wars, whether they choose to break away from the 'Skywalker Saga' or continue telling stories about Luke, Han, and Leia. I think it's an opportunity for Harrison Ford to get what he wanted - a heroic death for Han Solo. So if he can show up in these movies and crash the Millennium Falcon into some new galactic super weapon and save his friends then I think it'll be worth it.

Sean: Very interesting. But you really think Hamill needs to jump on board, especially now that it sounds like Ford is on board?

Adam: I think Hamill's been on board for Episode VII since 1983 -- but yes, it's absolutely imperative that, if they're going to tell a story in that corner of the universe - about the Skywalkers - that Hamill HAS to be involved. I could almost deal with recasting Han Solo - but not Luke. He's the heart and soul of the story (I don't care what George says about Anakin), so without Hamill, you better think of a different story to tell … as far as I'm concerned.

Sean: I love it. OK, we'll all sit back and wait to see if Hamill signs on, now that the Solo cat potentially is out of the bag. You have me more excited for Star Wars now, Adam. May the Force be with you!

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