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There's a myth about Sundance glamour, mostly based on red carpet photos of celebrities in fur hats, or maybe press releases about how much fun everyone had sipping complimentary cocktails at a party. And yes, there's plenty of that happening around here right now, but I'm seeing almost none of it. Instead I'm spending a whole lot of time with fellow press colleagues in tents, or more specifically in metal corrals inside tents, where we are wound up and forced to wait for whichever movie we've rushed across town to see. When you do this jig for press screenings it can be particularly dicey, since you're not guaranteed a spot. This afternoon I jumped in line half a hour before the press screening of Daniel Radcliffe's Beat-era Killing Your Darlings, and was forced out of the tent with my other dejected colleagues once the theater filled up without us.

This morning I waited in a tent-- successfully, as it turns out, to see Joseph Gordon-Levitt's directorial debut Don Jon's Addiction. While waiting I wrangled my pal and Operation Kino co-host Matt Patches to record another video blog about the movies we've seen in the last few days, including The Spectacular Now (which I reviewed here), Mud, Kill Your Darlings and The Inevitable Defeat of Mister and Pete. Patches also recounts the terrifying experience of being inside that very Eccles tent when a fire extinguisher exploded yesterday.

Apologies for the odd cuts-- we were without a tripod or a pal to hold the camera, so we did our best passing it back and forth between us.

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