Ted 2's Movie Poster Is One Big Sex Joke, Because Of Course It Is

Is Ted 2 going to be funny? Sequels to comedies so rarely surpass their immediate predecessors. And the lack of laughs in Seth MacFarlane’s A Million Ways To Die In The West have us wondering if the talking-bear comedy wasn’t a lightning strike at the box office. This might help. Tell us if the first official poster for the upcoming sequel makes you chuckle:

Ted 2 poster

Yahoo Movies had the one-sheet, and lest you think that Ted’s just taking a leak on the poster, the tagline will change your mind. "Ted is coming, again." So yeah, he’s jerking off. And if you are wondering what sounds Ted might be making in the above image, I suggest you play this clip. Then try to get that image out of your brain for the rest of the day.

Speaking of clips, Yahoo reveals that we’ll soon have a new Ted 2 clip to peruse, as the first official trailer for Seth MacFarlane’s comedy will drop on Thursday, on the Web site LegalizeTed.com. Is that a marijuana joke? As in, push to make weed legal? Because yes, the original Ted also had a ton of pot jokes.

The original Ted was a loosely-shaped comedy about a Boston dude (Mark Wahlberg) and his talking teddy bear, who happened to be his best friend. It didn’t really lend itself to a sequel, but when a movie earns $549 million at the global box office, the studio is bound to circle back around and ask a filmmaker what other ideas they might have in the Ted tank.

Ted 2< from what we can tell, will add a few new faces in unknown roles. Morgan Freeman has agreed to a part, as has Amanda Seyfried. No confirmation as to whether she is replacing Mila Kunis as Mark Wahlberg’s love interest or not. We did see Wahlberg on a Flash Gordon motorcycle outside of a church, leading many to speculate that his character’s wedding (from the first movie) didn’t work out. We’ll likely know more on Thursday once the trailer for Ted 2 hits. Expect plenty of dick jokes.

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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