Residents of Pittsburgh will now only have their burgeoning local art scene and recent pre-season Steelers win over the Philadelphia Eagles to keep them in the headlines. The Dark Knight Rises, the massive production of the new Batman film, has decamped from the city, after spending the last three weeks covering the streets with snow, driving Batpods down stairs of grand buildings and at one point digging a hole in the street to toss the Batmobile inside it. Christohper Nolan and his production team apparently weren't too miffed about the plethora of set photos and videos have leaked, as they ran a newspaper ad thanking the Steel City for their services. Coming Soon snagged the ad, and you can see it below:

With Man of Steel apparently headed to Vancouver's soundstages to wrap up its shooting, this marks the end of the glut of superhero set photos and videos we've been seeing in the last few weeks. Then again, we've always got The Avengers, which is reportedly moving on from its Cleveland shoot in order to take over the streets of New York City-- the place Cleveland has been subbing for all along. As a New Yorker I'm both wondering if I'll somehow catch Captain America walking past my lunch spot, and already dreading the giant traffic snarls that will inevitably come around when the Avengers assemble in Manhattan. Maybe I'll ask the good people of Pittsburgh for some advice on how to survive it.

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