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There's A Spider-Man Solo Movie Title Floating Around, And I Dig It

After making his Marvel Cinematic Universe debut next month in Captain America: Civil War, Spider-Man is starring in his won solo movie next year. However, unlike all the other movies coming in Marvel’s Phase Three, the Web-Slinger’s adventure has yet to be officially titled for the public. There was speculation whether it would simply be called Spider-Man, just like the 2002 feature starring Tobey Maguire, but now there’s a more unique title making the rounds: Spider-Man Homecoming.

Discovered by BBC News, Sony has registered the domain name That doesn’t automatically mean that this is what the movie is called, but it is curious that the studio would register something so specific. The title would be fitting, considering that Tom Holland’s Peter Parker is in the middle of high school, and Homecoming is a time honored tradition that even kids stung by radioactive spider can attend. The "Homecoming" also humorously works in the real world, since this is Spidey’s first MCU solo movie, so it’s like his official "homecoming" following his minor contribution to Captain America: Civil War.

However, hardcore comic book fans will remember that Spider-Man #252 in 1984 was dubbed "Homecoming." Taking place directly after the original Secret Wars event, during which Peter discovered the symbiote, Homecoming was the first time Spidey was publicly seen wearing his new black suit around New York City. Of course, we all know that the symbiote was a creature of sinister intent, and after Peter discovered this and managed to get if off him, it attached itself to Eddie Brock, turning him into Venom. If Spider-Man Homecoming is indeed what the movie is called, perhaps it’s the MCU’s attempt at adapting the symbiote/Venom story. Don’t forget that there’s Sony also has the Venom movie in development. While that project won’t have any direct ties to Spider-Man, perhaps Spidey’s first flick could somehow set it up. Considering the critical reaction to Venom’s treatment in Spider-Man 3, the villain/anti-hero’s origin story could use some live action redemption.

The "Homecoming" story also featured appearances from several other heroes, including Captain America and Iron Man, although with the latter, it was actually James Rhodes in the armor. It was rumored four months ago that Steve Rogers and Tony Stark might appear. Tony would make sense given that Peter is siding with him in the Civil War, but we still don’t what’s in store for Steve following his third solo (using that word loosely) installment. If they do show up the Spider-Man movie, odds are they would be cameos/minor appearances, but still, it wouldn’t be the first time a prominent Marvel hero showed up in another protagonist’s movie. 

Whatever the movie is called, moviegoers can look forward to Spider-Man’s new solo movie swinging into theaters on July 7, 2017.

Adam Holmes
Adam Holmes

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