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Hollywood has already proved that it has no qualms about rebooting films that are 10, 20 or even 30 years old. In 2016 alone, we’re going to see reboots of Pete’s Dragon, Ben-Hur, The Magnificent Seven and Ghostbusters, the latter of which has especially led fans to react rather uproariously. So it shouldn’t surprise anyone that producer Brian Grazer is developing a remake of his 1984 classic Splash. However, Brian Grazer has insisted that there will be one major change to this version, as it will come from the mermaid’s point of view.

Brian Grazer made this revelation while talking with CNBC’s Carl Quintanilla about his hugely impressive CV as a producer, which saw him pick up the 2002 Best Picture Oscar for A Beautiful Mind. Brian Grazer was actually also nominated for the Best Original Screenplay of 1984 after he co-wrote Splash

Still, Grazer’s original vision for Splash was never realized, which is something that the possible reboot would address. He insisted that it would be "a version of" his first plan for the film, which was actually entitled Wet. However, rather than being told from the view of Allen Bauer (played in 1984 by Tom Hanks) it shall instead focus on Madison (Daryl Hannah).

The nautical romantic comedy was a resounding success when it was released in the mid 1980s, as it went on to gross $69.8 million from just an $8 million budget. It revolved around the unlucky in love Allen Bauer (Tom Hanks) as he falls in love with Daryl Hannah’s Madison, who also just happens to be a mermaid, a trait that she keeps secret from her burgeoning beau.

Understandably, Brian Grazer refused to go into many further details about the potential Splash reboot. After making his surprising revelation, he refused to even consider his dream casting from today's actresses for Daryl Hannah’s Madison, instead teasing:
There’s a movie star involved, or going to be involved. I haven’t announced it.

Obviously this information is ripe for speculation, especially since there are numerous Hollywood actresses that would be perfect for Madison. Jennifer Lawrence would probably be the biggest name that Brian Grazer could land, but Lawrence’s BFF Amy Schumer, or Kristen Wiig or Kate McKinnon from Ghostbusters, would also work wonders, too. However, the incandescent abuse the latter two have recently received for their future reboot might put them off.

While we wait for Brian Grazer to put us out of our misery and finally reveal who he’s been talking to about Splash, you can check out the full clip of his interview on CNBC below:

Regardless of who is cast, both a Daryl Hannah and Tom Hanks cameo would obviously be demanded and expected. Otherwise the Splash reboot would just be a joke. 

The idea of a Tom Hanks movie being remade isn't surprising. People love Hanks. Even after they heard his crazy, crazy fart story. Wait, you never heard Tom Hanks' crazy fart story?! Oh, c'mon, you have to read it, right now!

Tom Hanks

Farts are funny. Hysterical, even. And gas emitted by two-time Academy Award-winning actors? Those are the funniest of them all. In fact, if you were able to make it through this upcoming story about the time Paul Bettany hit Tom Hanks so hard that Hanks ripped one without laughing until tears stream down your cheeks, well, then you are a better person than I.

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