Last fall director Gavin O'Connor showed us what it looks like when Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton step into an octagon to beat the bloody pulp out of their opponent. For his next film he may be bringing Peter Pan back to the big screen.

THR says that the Long Island-born O'Connor is currently in negotiations to helm Neverland, an origin story about J.M. Barrie's most beloved character. The project itself was announced all the way back in March of last year when it was reported that Sony was picking up the movie with Channing Tatum attached to star. Back then the script was called Pan. They will still be using the script by Billy Ray and Tatum will still the lead with Joe Roth serving as producer. Outside of being an origin story plot details are still being kept under wraps. Neverland isn't the only film currently sitting in O'Connor's hopper, as he is also attached to direct The Samurai.

While O'Connor's last two films, Warrior and Pride and Glory, paint him as a guy who deals in gritty dramas, he also helmed the 2004 sports movie Miracle, about the 1980 US Olympic hockey team, and the 1999 dramedy Tumbleweeds. Depending on the approach to the story this could very well be different than anything O'Connor has ever done, but what's wrong with that? Stretching oneself is the best way to be creative.

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