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People are in such need of news regarding Marvel movies that everything that actors say about them gets broken down at the molecular level. Anthony Mackie recently learned this the hard way when something he said was, apparently, taken out of context to imply that the Incredible Hulk would be making an appearance in Captain America: Civil War. Now Mackie is doing damage control and walking back his statement on the late night talk shows.

Appearing on Late Night with Seth Meyers, Anthony Mackie talked about his recent appearance on the HeyUGuys podcast where he was speaking about the great acting that takes place in Captain America: Civil War and he mentioned Mark Ruffalo by name. Now, it appears that when Mackie referenced the Academy Award nominee, he was referring to great acting within the Marvel Cinematic Universe as a whole, not the upcoming Civil War specifically.

To be fair, Anthony Mackie was certainly talking about how great he thought Captain America: Civil War was when he made the comment. He went as far as to suggest the film could be nominated for Best Picture because it was so good. He certainly wasn’t talking about multiple films when suggesting Oscar nominations. Still, that’s not what he says that he said in this case.
I was giving respect to my fellow actors. I said Marvel movies are so great because they have great actors. Mark Ruffalo, Scarlett Johansson, Robert Downey Jr. Love that guy. People take that to mean that this is what the movie is about, and this is in the movie.

Part of the confusion also comes from the fact that there have been rumors that Hulk would be part of Captain America: Civil War from nearly the beginning. For every report that Mark Ruffalo would not be in the film, there’s another one claiming that he would be. This makes the entire question uncertain. With Marvel’s level of secrecy, you can never be sure if the lack of information is because the studio is trying to keep a secret, or because there’s simply nothing to know.

We know that the Hulk will be a major part of next year’s Thor: Ragnarok and as far as we know this will be the character’s next appearance. At this point, however, we won’t be 100% sure that we won’t see Bruce Banner in Captain America: Civil War until we actually see the movie for ourselves.

Do you think Anthony Mackie had accidentally let the Hulk out of the bag? Do you think the lack of Hulk is a mistake, or would he make the fight too one-sided? Weigh in below!

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