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Sure, Zack Snyder's Watchmen movie wasn't exactly as profitable as it could have been, but the title Watchmen and the bestselling comic book remain incredibly, incredibly valuable. And because nothing can be allowed to sit idle for too long before someone tries to milk more money of out of it, there are movements at DC Comics toward making not just a Watchmen prequel, but multiple spinoffs-- and maybe even another movie.

Of course, Alan Moore would have nothing to do with this-- he disconnected himself from the whole thing long ago. But according to the sources cited at Bleeding Cool, DC Comics SVP Da DiDio has taken it on as a "pet project" to build off the Watchmen legacy. Moore and illustrator Dave Gibbons both have the option of first refusal, and it's hard to imagine Gibbons signing on either, but DC owns the characters and can essentially do whatever they want.

Remember that when the Watchmen movie came out, the actors repeatedly said they were under contract for possible sequels, whatever those might turn out to be. DC's move toward Watchmen prequels could potentially get the gears moving on another movie, though I assume it would have to be much, much cheaper than the first film. All of this is very much unconfirmed rumor at this point, so don't burn your Rorschach masks in horror just yet. We're just trying to prepare you for what might come, in case it hasn't yet sunk in that, in the business of entertainment, anything that can make money will be taken advantage of over and over again.

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