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This Is Why You Can't Wear The Iron Man Helmet For Too Long

We’ve all dreamed of putting on the Iron Man suit and chatting with J.A.R.V.I.S. all day. But what if it’s not all that the films crack it up to be? What if something goes horribly wrong? Well, one Iron Man fan decided to explore what would happen if he got his hands on an Iron Man helmet. Watch his dilemma below:

The video, entitled, "Metal Head" is from YouTube user JonathanZonum explores what would happen if you could buy your own Iron Man helmet online, because, it is 2014, and Amazon has it all. But in excitement, the eager young man puts the helmet on before reading instructions, and is stuck with no way to remove it. After two days of trying to get it off and without the ability to eat, he calls his friend to come and help. The two try everything they can think of to try and remove the helmet from the young man’s head.

First they simply just try to pull it off.

Iron Man helmet1

When that doesn’t work they take it to the next level, by hitting it with a piece of wood.

iron man helmet2

But apparently brute force won’t do the trick, so they try to electrocute it off with jumper cables.

iron man helmet3

It just won’t budge though. So the friend decides to use a gun on it, which is confusing to the young man with the helmet, but he goes with it. And when that doesn’t work, out of frustration, the young man cries, "why won’t this stupid thing just open."

iron man helmet4

He found the magic word, and J.A.R.V.I.S responds by opening the helmet. But, the friend still has the gun, and wants to be Iron Man, so he responds by shooting the young man. J.A.R.V.I.S. has had enough of all the foolishness, and out of annoyance decides to self-destruct. Moral of the story, be careful what you wish for. Being Iron Man comes with a price.