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Wild Things Director To Helm Psychological Thriller The Harvest

Director John McNaughton has been gone from the feature world for a good long time. Starting as a rising talent in Hollywood back in the mid-80s, the filmmaker made a name for himself with titles like Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer and Wild Things, but after directing the romantic comedy Speaking of Sex in 2001 he disappeared from theaters. While he has used his time since well, moving his career to television where he worked on shows like Without A Trace, Johnny From Cincinnati and Masters of Horror, he is finally ready to give films another go and has announced his newest project.

Variety has learned that McNaughton will break his 11-year streak without making a movie by signing on for the psychological horror project The Harvest. While the project will be operating with a small budget, being made for under $10 million, the director has already has a great cast attached to the project, including Michael Shannon, Samantha Morton, Natasha Calis, Charlie Tahan, Leslie Lyles and Meadow Williams. Based on an original screenplay by Stephen Lancellotti, the plot follows a married couple (Shannon, Morton) with a sick son (Tahan). The family chooses to live a life of seclusion in order to protect their son, but when a young girl (Calis) begins to grow a close relationship with the son, his over-protective mother begins to see their protected lives fall apart.

The film has already begun filming and is being financed by Living Out Loud Productions. The project does not currently have a distributor.

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