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Wolverine 3 May Add A Fear The Walking Dead Actress

Production on the R-rated Wolverine 3 started earlier this month, and the veil of secrecy is still as tight as when the project started announcing its cast members. And, like clockwork, another cast member has been announced as potentially taking part of Hugh Jackman's final appearance as the prolific mutant. Please welcome Fear The Walking Dead's Elizabeth Rodriguez into the speculation pool!

The Wrap reported the rumors as the latest news surrounding Wolverine 3's already exciting cast list. Rodriguez was most recently seen in the first season of Fear The Walking Dead, playing the role of Liza Ortiz, the ex-wife to Cliff Curtis' Travis Manawa, but has also been seen in shows such as Orange Is The New Black and Grimm, as well as the Tom Hardy film The Drop. With an extensive resume in hand, Rodriguez's potential casting has us asking the same question we ask whenever someone new to the Wolverine 3 cast shows up: who could she possibly be playing?

For a change of pace, let's get the Old Man Logan flavored speculation out of the way at the beginning of our speculative dive. We wouldn't normally do this, but seeing as the character of Hawkeye's daughter, Ashley, seems like a perfect fit for Elizabeth Rodriguez, we can't hold back the enthusiasm. Of course, seeing as both Hawkeye and Ashley's grandfather, Peter Parker, are both part of the Marvel Studios universe, the character would have to undergo some serious re-writes. Still, a super-powered female character of ambiguous moral compass is exactly the type of foil that the Wolverine series has made hay with in the past, so why stop now?

Of course, Rodriguez's Wolverine 3 character could, and probably is, someone totally new. While Old Man Logan is the story everyone wants to see come to life, and indeed Hugh Jackman himself has teased that same story as a distinct possibility, the re-writes that would turn Ashley "Spider-Woman" Barton would apply to a lot more characters than just Ashley and her kin. So while the writers are creating new characters, they may as well create a new story that sees future Logan pitted against whatever new baddie Wolverine 3 has in store for us. With an extensive cast that already includes Richard E. Grant, Eriq La Salle, Stephen Merchant, and Elise Neal, the opportunities are endless. 

Wolverine 3 is currently in production, with a release date of March 2017 penciled in. Meanwhile, Wolverine, or someone that looks extremely like him, will be appearing in X-Men: Apocalypse next week.

Mike Reyes
Mike Reyes

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