Wolverine 3 May Have A Title, And It Makes Perfect Sense

While the most recent chapter of the X-Men saga is barely behind us, the next chapter is already hotly anticipated. This is because we know that we’re getting ready for the final performance by Hugh Jackman in his iconic performance as Wolverine. Much has been rumored, but little is actually known, about what Wolverine 3 is all about, but now we can add one more rumor to the list. The newest rumor regards the film’s actual title, which will sound familiar to those who know Wolverine, even though the title apparently won’t include his name. The word is Wolverine 3 will be called Weapon X.

All of our rumors up to this point have implied that Wolverine 3 would take inspiration from Old Man Logan, a comic that sees the character much further along in life, not in the early Weapon X days. This makes the report from Gamezone seem odd, yet, their sources, which they make a point to insist are reliable, are claiming that Weapon X will be the film’s title. While this might not be the title many were expecting, it actually makes perfect sense. The Weapon X program was the experiment that turned Logan into Wolverine and what he went through there has been a key part of his character since the first X-Men movie. We fully expect that Wolverine 3 will be some sort of true finale for the character, and so that may very well mean finding some closure with the experiment that created him.

The first Wolverine standalone film X-Men Origins: Wolverine dealt specifically with the events of the Weapon X program, however, that film was viewed as one of the weak links in the X-Men franchise to date, and its events were essentially retconned out of existence following X-Men: Days of Future Past. The end of that film saw Logan end up in the hands of William Stryker once again, about to undergo the same experiment, so while we know the events still happened, at this point we expect they happened somewhat differently.

Naturally, calling Wolverine 3 Weapon X also forges a connection to the type of cameo that Hugh Jackman filmed for X-Men: Apocalypse. As that scene concluded, the feral Wolverine ran off into the night. Could this film build on that conclusion?

  This shrouds the characters' past in some mystery once again, If the film is called Weapon X, but is also taking inspiration from Old Man Logan, perhaps the plan will be to fill in Wolverine’s new history via events that take place in the future, thus completing the character before we say goodbye to him. This connection could also act as the introduction for the character of X-23, the female Wolverine clone, whose character has been rumored to appear in the new film. Maybe the experiments are up and running once again and it falls on a former subject to shut them down?

What do you think of Weapon X as the title for the final Hugh Jackman Wolverine movie. Does it work? Does it need Wolverine’s name somewhere in the title? Weigh in below.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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