Wow, Furious 7 Mashes Up Perfectly With Pixar's Cars

We’ve seen our fair share of mash-ups of Cars and the Fast and Furious movies, but the latest one to hit the web takes the cake. Remember all those incredible stunts in Furious 7? As it turns out, we’ve seen a lot of them before in the Pixar property in some capacity. In fact, scenes from the Cars films match up perfectly with the Furious 7 trailer. Just watch.

The folks over at IGN were some of those who saw Furious 7 in theaters and contributed to the film’s massive success. But all the while they kept trying to think of where they had seen some of the stunts before. The answer, they soon found out, was in Cars. The explosions, the first scenes, the adrenaline-pumping chases, the cars racing out of airborne planes, they’ve all been featured in both franchises. And now we can enjoy them at the same time.

In the Cars-Furious 7 mash-up, Mater becomes Dominic Toretto, though it’s weird to hear Vin Diesel’s Groot-tastic voice dribbling out from behind a pair of buckteeth. Elsewhere, we hear Paul Walker’s voice emerge from Lightning McQueen, a nice tribute to the beloved franchise star. Finn McMissile from Cars 2 wasn’t so lucky. He got the role of Deckard Shaw, Owen Shaw’s fast and furious big brother, played by Jason Statham in Furious 7. Although, his ninja-esque maneuvers in the Pixar movie are more deserving of someone like Shaw.

True story, though: Cars becomes way more badass when you add the Furious 7 soundtrack over the top of the action. There’s just something about Bassnectar’s "Now" blaring over Mater poppin’ some caps that gets our adrenaline revving.

Meanwhile, Furious 7 continues its rise up the box office ranks. After a stellar three-day opening weekend, it quickly became the highest-grossing installment of the entire franchise. Now, it has surpassed $1 billion worldwide, and it has done so faster than any other previous film. Most of the appeal has to do with Walker. The actor passed away in a tragic car accident in 2013, and Universal had to bring in his brothers, Cody and Caleb, to help finish filming the rest of his scenes. Even non-fans of the franchise were curious to see how the studio would do this and pay tribute to the series mainstay. Another crucial selling point was the success of Fast and Furious 6. That installment was the most popular chapter in the saga of Dom, Brian, and the crew, and we were all eager to find out how Deckard planned to take revenge on the people who maimed his lil' bro.

Pixar will never take such a kid-friendly property in the same gun-slinging, car-crashing, blade-clashing direction, so this mash-up is the closest we'll get to a dark and gritty undertaking...for now.