5 DC Comics Teams That Deserve Their Own Spinoff Movie

The DC Extended Universe has a number of movies not only officially announced between now and 2020, but a few being worked on behind the scenes. Most revolve around individual characters, but there a number of team movies as well. Suicide Squad is less than two months away from bringing a number of baddies into the same-named government black ops team, the main DCEU heroes will and together for the first time late next year in Justice League and 2020 will feature multiple Green Lanterns rallying together in Green Lantern Corps. That's lot of teamwork on the way, but it doesn't have to stop there.

There are a lot of DC superhero teams who have made big impressions over the years. Granted, not all of them are fit for the movies, either because they probably couldn't capture enough of the audience's interest (sorry, Challengers of the Unknown) or because they have too big of a role on television (like the Justice Society of America in Legends of Tomorrow Season 2). After going through the options, we've narrowed down the five best DC teams who should lead their own movies at some point.

Teen Titans

Teen Titans

If the Justice League is DC Comics' most famous superhero team, then the Teen Titans ranks as a close second. Since 1964, this group has been the main destination for teen heroes, whether they're sidekicks looking to get some time away from their mentors or lone operatives who just want to hang out with others like them around the same age. With all the success the team has enjoyed on the animated TV front, bringing them to the big screen is the next step to enhance their popularity, especially since that live action TV series has been scrapped. So far the only Teen Titans-related characters who have been seen/alluded to in the DCEU are Cyborg and Robin. While the latter will have to be someone completely new serving as the Boy Wonder, Cyborg could serve as the team's leader when he's not hanging out with the Justice League. As of now, there are only rumblings of a Teen Titans movie in development, but after enough time has passed to get the main DCEU heroes situated, put the spotlight on the "next generation" heroes. Starfire, Raven, Beast Boy, Aqualad, Wonder Girl, the number of possible candidates for the cinematic team is quite large.

Birds of Prey

Birds Of Prey

It's no secret that there are way more male heroes being given attention in superhero movies than females heroes, so bringing the Birds of Prey to the DCEU would be another way to tip the scale a little bit in a great way. Created in 1995, the team's members include Batgirl/Oracle, Huntress, Black Canary, Katana, Lady Blackhawk and others. Of all the entries on this list, a Birds of Prey movie seems to have the best shot of getting made going off current information. Black Canary is rumored to show up in Justice League, and the Harley Quinn-centric spinoff will also apparently feature other female DC heroines and villains, suggesting it the Birds of Prey might form during the story. Right now, Wonder Woman is the only DC heroine who has been set up in the DCEU, but DC Comics has many others who are waiting to have their time to shine on the big screen. If they can't get their own movies, then a Birds of Prey movie is the best place to use them.

Legion of Super-Heroes

Legion Of Super-Heroes

Not every DCEU movie needs to take place in the present day. Next year's Wonder Woman movie takes place during World War I, and if the franchise decides it wants to head to the future, then the Legion of Super-Heroes should the the focus. 1,000 years from now (give or take), a group of young superheroes from different worlds will band together to protect the entire galaxy from various threats.The members ranges from Cosmic Boy and Saturn Girl to Brainiac 5 and Karate Kid, so needless to say that the Legion could feature one of the most diverse, live action lineups ever. It was rumored last year that a Legion of Super-Heroes movie is in the works that's meant to have a Guardians of the Galaxy-like tone, but there's been no word concerning it since then. The Legion has already been hinted to have a future (no pun intended) presence in Supergirl, but their powers and appearances would also benefit from a blockbuster budget. Using the Legion not only provides a platform for these young heroes to lead the charge across the cosmos, but also tell a story without worrying about interfering with the modern day continuity.

Doom Patrol

Doom Patrol

Picture this: an intelligent, educated man stuck in a wheelchair brings together a group of extraordinary "misfits" who protect the world despite society shunning them. Yep, that sounds a lot like the X-Men, but in fact, the Doom Patrol debuted three months before Marvel's mutant team did. Under the leadership of Niles Caulder, a.k.a. The Chief, the Doom Patrol's members over the decades have included Elasti-Girl, Negative Man, Robotman, Beast Boy, Element Woman and more. Aside from a stint at the Vertigo imprint, the team has had a steady presence in the DC universe, and with appearances in the Teen Titans and Batman: The Brave and the Bold animated shows, they would make great protagonists for a theatrical movie. Obviously comparisons to the X-Men from the general audience are unavoidable, much like the assumption that Darkseid is a ripoff of Thanos (also incorrect), but with the right creative vision, a Doom Patrol movie would be an excellent way to tell a story about a superhero team who, unlike the Justice League and other entries on this list, doesn't always have the population's support.

Metal Men

Metal Men

We end this list with arguably the weirdest entry of the bunch: the Metal Men. These six highly intelligent robots were created by Dr. Will Magnus based after six types of metal: Gold, Tin, Mercury, Iron, Lead and Platinum. Their powers reflect their respective metal, and while protecting the world like your average superheroes, they learn more about what it means to be human. The Metal Men have gotten some outside exposure on Batman: The Brave and the Bold and the DC Nation Shorts, but it might be trick to adapt them for live action in a way that makes sense within that universe. However, if Warner Bros is looking to add more comedic fare to their lineup of DC movies, than the Metal Men can fill that space that in spades while still providing an exciting superhero team adventure.

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