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Tom Holland’s Spider-Man Just Got The Most Important Thumbs Up Ever


Out of all of the people that inhabit the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Stan Lee is one of the most mythic figures to have ever walked on screen. Throughout his appearances in all of the MCU, as well as outside of it, he has become a sort of mascot / venerated source of opinion for all things dealing with Marvel Studios. Which makes his approval of Spider-Man: Homecoming star Tom Holland a gigantic seal of approval for the young star's performance.

During a Q&A at Denver Comic-Con, Comic Book Resources picked up on remarks made by Lee during his time on stage. Not only did Lee name Spider-Man his favorite creation in the Marvel Comics lexicon, he gave Holland the following resume fodder:

Oh, [Tom Holland's] wonderful! I was with him the other day. He is great! I can't believe it. It's as if we created a living being to be Spider-Man, and it turned out to be him.

Stan Lee would certainly be a good authority on what would make a good Spider-Man, considering he co-created the character with Steve Ditko back in 1962. As if his tenure in the comic book's creation wasn't enough, there's also the fact that Lee has been in each Spider-Man film since Sam Raimi first adapted the character in 2002. So not only has Stan Lee helped bring the character to life, but he's also seen each of the actors that previously took the role in action. So his approval does not come lightly, or with any burden of bias.


Even more exciting is the fact that Stan Lee divulged the information that he was in Georgia to film three different cameos for three different films. The only reason we know this is because Lee specified that one of his upcoming cameos ranks in as his favorite. Now, if we were willing to put money on those three cameos, we'd say that they were Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Doctor Strange, and, naturally, Spider-Man: Homecoming. So obviously, if Stan Lee is willing to go on record stating that Spider-Man is his favorite character, then perhaps his favorite cameo just happens to be in that film that's currently filming in Georgia, as we speak.


With Tom Holland being the third actor, after Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield before him, to take on the mantle of playing Peter Parker's cinematic avatar, there must still be a degree of nervous energy that fills his time on the set. But with this ringing endorsement in his corner, we'll hope that Holland isn't too nervous about his first solo effort in Spider-Man: Homecoming. In fact, we're even more excited to see what he and director Jon Watts have up their sleeve, now that it's pleased the Generalissimo himself.

We only have to wait until July 7, 2017 to see just why Stan Lee is worked up over Tom Holland's performance in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Though, of course, you can always revisit Captain America: Civil War in theaters now to refresh yourself.

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