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Next week, four months after it was released in theaters, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is arriving on home media. By now, most of you have heard that in addition to the theatrical cut of the movie, Warner Bros is also released an R-rated extended cut, a.k.a. the "Ultimate Edition." In addition to a digital and Blu-ray release, it was rumored a few months back that the Ultimate Edition might shown in theaters as well. Now such a screening has been confirmed, but it's only happening for one night.

According to WB Tickets, fans can see Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice - The Ultimate Edition next Monday, June 27, at 7 p.m. Unfortunately, there are only 12 locations in the United States listed for the screening, so unless you happen to live near one of the theaters listed on the website, you're out of luck watching it on a big screen. This isn't the only DC movie that's getting a one night screening in the near future. The upcoming animated movie Batman: The Killing Joke is being screened at various theaters on Monday, July 25, the day before it's released digitally.

Batman v Superman

The screening may only be happening a day before the Ultimate Edition is available to the masses, but for fans who enjoyed the theatrical version, this is their best option to catch the new version as soon as possible and watch with on a gigantic screen with booming sound. However, it's surprising that it's being screened in so few locations. Granted, it wasn't the most well received movie critically, but it did earn over $330 million domestically. You'd think that they would have sprung for more theaters across the U.S. not only to haul in more money, but also prove that this extended cut is a better product than what was shown in theaters back in March. 12 theaters in only seven states and Washington D.C. just don't seem like enough.

In case the R rating wasn't a clear enough indicator, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice - The Ultimate Edition will boast more intense violence, but aside from that, the extended cut will also include 30 minutes of footage not seen in the theatrical version. This ranges from an extended version of of the Africa sequence to cut characters being re-included, like Jena Malone's Jenet Klyburn. This screening comes a little over a month before the next DC Extended Universe entry, Suicide Squad, is released.

In case you can't see it in theaters or simply want to own it for yourself, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice - The Ultimate Edition will be available for digital purchase on June 28, and the Blu-ray release will follow on July 19.

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