Suicide Squad's Comic-Con Trailer Will Have You Rooting For The Bad Guys

If you weren't already rooting for the bad guys, the 3-minute trailer that dropped for Suicide Squad at Comic-Con today should do the trick. Not only does the preview do a nice job of showcasing the soundtrack for the anticipated movie, but it also brings this team of misfits together beautifully. Check it out...

This music-filled Suicide Squad trailer kicks off with the team hanging out at a bar enjoying their drinks, but Deadshot makes sure to remind his fellow operatives not to forget that they're the bad guys. Not you, Katana, you're good. From there, we get some scenes, both new and previously seen, detailing the movie's premise. A group of villains are locked up in at the Belle Reve prison, but by joining Task Force X and going on a dangerous mission for the U.S. government, they'll get time off their sentence. That is, of course, provided they obey Rick Flag and don't get themselves killed. These guys can get the job done, right? RIGHT?!

While there's plenty of action in the newest Suicide Squad trailer, including some extra looks at their mystical Adversary (yes, that's supposed to be capitalized), it also captures most of the Squad's personalities well. Deadshot's attitude, Harley Quinn's unusual optimism, Boomerang's Australian "charm," etc. Of course, not all of the villains in this movie are team players. We also see more of Jared Leto's Joker, from him diving after Harley when she falls into the vat of chemicals to interrogating a goon who I suspect pissed him off. Enchantress gets a few moment to shine as well, and while she's not technically part of the Squad, it seems likely that she'll be integral to stopping this threat.

There's only a few more weeks to go until Suicide Squad is released, and as the third entry in the DC Extended Universe, there's a lot riding on it. Whether you liked it or not, it's reasonable to say Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice wasn't as successful as Warner Bros wanted it to be, so it's up to Suicide Squad to end 2016 for the DCEU with a bang...which is appropriate given how many guns are going off in the movie. Aside from Joker, Harley Quinn and Batman, this movie features characters regular moviegoers aren't familiar with, but at least the newest trailer did a good job of painting the main players in a cool light. Not that we would want to look at them as role models, but at least we'll be rooting for them when things go insane, as most Suicide Squad missions inevitably do.

Both the Suicide Squad movie and the soundtrack featuring the songs heard above and more will come out on August 5. Let us know what you think about this trailer (likely the last major one before the movie's release) in the comments below.

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