We're The Monsters In New Dark And Hilarious Red Band Sausage Party Trailer

Some people would have you believe that meat, for lack of a better word, is murder. But the trailers for the film Sausage Party have us believing that there are some people out there that are so hardcore they think any sort of food is death in its own way. Nowhere is this more readily apparent then in the new red band trailer, which you can watch below, in all of its horrific glory.

Your latest look at the secret world of supermarket foodstuffs comes courtesy of Sony Pictures themselves, as they've released this new look at this summer's next animated hit. The second red band trailer shows us a little more detail about the quest that Frank (Rogen), Brenda (Kristen Wiig,) and all of the other foods on display in Sausage Party are embarking on. Apparently, Frank has a plan to make humanity aware of its misdeeds involving food, as he and his friends have learned the cold, horrible truth about the humans they once wanted to be bought by: they're going to die, so that we can be strong.

While we knew about this all the long, there are some interesting new developments that have come to light. Most notably is a certain subplot that looks like it'll recur throughout the whole of Sausage Party's story, involving Frank and Brenda's romantic relationship. Apparently, Brenda is under the belief that her and Frank "touching tips" has brought their world to a screaming halt at the hands of a vengeful God. Of course, that isn't really the case, as humanity is just doing what it's supposed to with food; but it's still a pretty fun angle that the film looks eager to pursue for laughs. And so far, it's working.

Sausage Party Frank Brenda

Sausage Party couldn't come at a better time, as the animation market has been booming with parents taking their kids to see films like Finding Dory and The Secret Life of Pets in droves. However, don't expect this film to make the gigantic dollars those films did in their runs, as the audience for this raunchy, officially R-rated comedy is obviously more focused on adults than any other animated film this year. Still, it wouldn't be out of the question for Sausage Party to become a sleeper hit, as the reaction out of its SXSW screening earlier this year had folks raving about the almost finished product. For parents looking for a night off from the kids, this send up of the very films that they're dragged to by the little ones could prove just the ticket for date night.

Of course, the biggest competition that Sausage Party will have to contend against is the behemoth that is Suicide Squad, and the family-friendly entertainment that is Pete's Dragon, both of which will open on or before the August 12th release of Sony's latest bid at summer success. Either film poses a formidable challenge for this obscene, yet well minded, comedy; but such upsets are what makes the box office that much more entertaining in the long run. Judging by what we've seen in this new trailer, we can't help but root for Sausage Party to become nothing short of a roasting success.

Sausage Party grills up some fun on August 12th.

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