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As an actor, you are occasionally required to make significant changes to your appearance for a role. Sometimes you need to gain weight or lose weight. Other times, you have to grow your hair long or be Karl Urban. The actor has joined the cast of Thor: Ragnarok in Australia, and he just showed off his new haircut that will be part of the film. Apparently, only Chris Hemsworth is allowed to have amazing hair in these things, much be a contract thing.

In Thor: Ragnarok, Karl Urban will portray Skurge. Also known as The Executioner. Skurge will be one of the villains making an appearance in Ragnarok. Karl Urban joins other new cast members like Jeff Goldblum and Cate Blanchett who will also be appearing in the film. No word yet on what the movie's requirements will mean for their hair.

Karl Urban had previously said that working with Taika Waititi was one of the major reasons that he was interested in working on Thor: Ragnarok. It's not clear if he still feels that way after having his head shaved. For what it's worth, this means that they are going for at least a somewhat faithful page to screen adaptation of Skurge. He's traditionally depicted in the comics with a bald head and a beard.

Thor Ragnarok

Exactly how Skurge will fit into Thor: Ragnarok is far from clear. The woman in the image above is the Enchantress, the woman that Skurge usually is doing the bidding of. While the Enchantress has been an often-rumored part of the last couple of Thor movies, there's still no confirmation that she's in Ragnarok. Instead, the major female villain role looks to be played by Cate Blanchett's Hela. With Jeff Goldblum's Grandmaster also involved, and also Tom Hiddleston's Loki in some capacity, the cast feels like it's getting a bit crowded.

The only thing we really know about Thor: Ragnarok is that it will be a much lighter movie that the previous entries. Director Taika Waititi is known for his sense of humor, and the recent Civil War: Team Thor video shown at San Diego Comic-Con really showed this. Karl Urban should fit in quite well there. He's very good at mixing drama and comedy, as he has shown in his role as Dr. McCoy in the recent Star Trek films.

What do you think of Karl Urban's new look? Does he look sufficiently badass to take on Chris Hemsworth as Thor? Let us know what you think.

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